Comparing Data Sources

I have 2 Excel files with serial numbers as one of the fields. I need to compare the 2 files to identify if there are any serial numbers on the file A that are not on file B. If the serial number is in both, then I don't need to know, I just need to know when the serial is NOT in both files.

Any help is appreciated.
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jforget1Author Commented:
I think this can be done in Excel, but if Access is a better option here, I also could do this compare in Access.
Are you looking for a formula?
In file A, you can add a column (or new sheet) with something like this:


Assuming that the serial numbers are in column B of both sheets, if you copy this formula down to match the number of rows in book A, then anything that shows #N/A has a serial number in A but not in B.  Also note that both workbooks must be open for this to happen.

If you want to make it look nicer, you can surround this with an IF like this:

=IF(ISNA( {above formula} ), "Missing in B","")
In Access it is very simple. Look at sample. ExcelA and ExcelB tables could be your linked Excel files. In first 2 queries missing serials are selected, in union query they are joined

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jforget1Author Commented:
In order to make it simpler I have copied the records into the same sheet.
Column A has the serial numbers for all devices, column K is another data source that may or may not match against a record in column A.  So for Column A, which of these does not have a serial number match in column K.  Column H has the formula, but I can't seem to get the syntax right.

Any suggestions.
jforget1Author Commented:
Thanks for the assistance.
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