Need menu like on


I need a menu like on

I have tried etc but the client specifically wants the menu to be a uniform height and width throughout no matter how many items etc

Any ideas?


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I wear a lot of hats...

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Google jquery mega menu
View source on home page.  take lines 542 through 579 - that is your menu with all the dropdowns.  take all the JS and CSS files referenced by that page.  modify the CSS relevant to the IDs and ClassIDs of the HTML elements in the code you copied to match your style.  if you really want to be clean about it - clean up the JS files and keep only what you need based on the menu interactions.
Why re-invent the wheel when the code is right there for you?  Just make sure it's not protected by copyrights or anything.
Peter HartCommented:
the gsk site uses what are termed 'mega-menus' not really a fan but there's a tutorial on this link:
it has all the source code to download and how to use it (without taking someone elses code)

I would look at the bootstrap stuff and look at the Navbar components at this link:

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I'm sure your client will be very impressed at your innovative use of "borrowed" code to reduce their code when they don't have to pay for original work.  However if they are paying you, then the ethical approach is to use existing code as a reference to create something you can claim is actually yours.

wilkesitAuthor Commented:
Hi COBOLdinosaur

Thanks for your innovative and informative response.

Just to 'clue you in' - I was a games programmer back in the 80's - I wrote in Z80 machine code - not 'C' which people today think makes programmer's clever - I later wrote what many believe to be the first version of PC integer forth on the first of the 8086 IBM PC's.

Title's under my belt are Frank Bruno's Boxing, Scooby Doo, Bomb Jack. I also have credits in books, including "Microprocessor Technology" - Stuart (J.S.) Anderson.... check it out if you like.

I don't take credit for other peoples work - for your information, you luddite, if I'd received commission on each pirated copy of games I created or helped to create in the 80's I'd be driving a Bentley.

I pioneered the Y-Table method of displaying sprites on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, making arcade type games possible on a 16K machine...

So... "borrowed code"... Yeah - nice touch. I never bothered with COBOL - I coded in the language that coded the language that you coded in.....

My "client" is my father - and I'm trying to help him out - and CSS is something quite new to me - hence my joining Experts Exchange today to find an answer.

I think I'll probably cancel my free trial if you are typical of the calibre of "experts" here.


This comment is aimed at "COBOLdinosaur" - not the other posts which I have yet to check out... thanks to the rest of you...
As a matter of fact I started on in the 60s with 1s and 0s, and managed to stay with the evolving technology; so I answer questions about 21st century technology instead of having to ask them.

As for using external code for a family web site, that is fine. It is how most novice web developers  get exposed to the newer technologies.

I never played any of your games from back in the 80s.  I am sure they were entertaining. However if we are going to talk about what we did in the past I should tell you if you use a bank machine the probability is about 60% that your transaction will be validated by code I wrote and is covered by one of the 17 software patents I am responsible for.

So if we have both finish strutting, we can get down to solving the problem.  If you still need help after trying the solutions, or you have a problem implementing it would probably help if you post a link to the page so we can see where the CSS has to hook in.

wilkesitAuthor Commented:
I wrote my own using javascript and a table. Sounds a bit retro but it works.
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