No databases are displayed under a linked server

I have a bunch of linked servers created on SQL Server Server3. Each one of them, when I expand, has a folder "Catalogs", then when I expand that folder, i see the list of databases on that linked server. But one server - Server2, when I expand it, I see folder Catalogs but when I expand it, I only see "System catalogs" and "dafault' but not the list of all databases.When I log in to that server directly, I see all the databases, but not via linked server.

Can someone help me troubleshoot the issue?
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Make sure you are using a login in the linked server definition that has access to your user databases.  You can impersonate, use a network logon, etc.  Your issue is permissions.
YZlatAuthor Commented:
COANetwork, I already checked, I am able to login to the target server using the login that is in the linked definition. When loging in directly, i am able to login and see all the databases. Why does not it allow me to do the same thing through the linked server?

I also tried expanding "default" folder and there were "tables" and 'views", and if I click on tables or views, I get 'error received when attempting to access linked server is "Login failed for user 'test_user'  Error: 18456"

I know test_user exists on target server and if i login using test_user, I am able to see all the databases
Randy Knight, MCMPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
The previous commenter is right.  This is permission.  Double check the password.  Try scripting out the linked server and dropping and re-creating that way.  This way you can see the password right in the script so you know it is right.
YZlatAuthor Commented:
Here is my solution:

Wen to Setup --> Add Targets. Chose Auto Discovery Results to see if the database has been discovered. Clicked on Promote, and now it can be seen in Targets-->Databases.

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YZlatAuthor Commented:
found the solution myself
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