Concatenate Rows in SQL using Stuff and For XML Path

Table 1:

id            group               TIN              SSN
22      123456780      123456789      1104999999
22      123456790      123456789      1771828111
22      123456778      123456789      1333301423
22      123456745      123456789      1598884222
22      123456756      123456789      1511008000

I want the result to be like below

22               1104999999, 1771828111, 1333301423, 1598884222, 1511008000

So I wrote the below query...

 ssn_group =  STUFF((SELECT ', ' + tbl1.tx_NPI  AS [text()]
           FROM ssn_group_values tbl12
           WHERE =
          FOR XML PATH('')), 1, 1, '')
 FROM ssn_group_values tbl1
 WHERE = 22

but i did not get the expected results...instead i got below results...

id                      ssn_group
22      1104999999, 1104999999, 1104999999, 1104999999, 1104999999
22      1771828111, 1771828111, 1771828111, 1771828111, 1771828111
22      1333301423, 1333301423, 1333301423, 1333301423, 1333301423
22      1598884222, 1598884222, 1598884222, 1598884222, 1598884222
22      1511008000, 1511008000, 1511008000, 1511008000, 1511008000

So what is the mistake in my query ?
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Bhavesh ShahLead AnalysistCommented:

checkout this sample one.

Declare @Aliases Table
	[FirstName] varchar(50) not null,
	[LastName] varchar(50) not null,
	[Alias] varchar(100) not null

Insert @Aliases
Select 'Clark','Kent','Superman'
Union All
Select 'Clark','Kent','Kal-El'
Union All
Select 'Clark','Kent','Gangbuster'
Union All
Select 'Clark','Kent','Supernova'
Union All
Select 'Clark','Kent','Nightwing'
Union All
Select 'Peter','Parker','Spiderman'
Union all
Select 'Peter','Parker','WebSligner'

Select * from @Aliases

Select Distinct
	(Stuff((Select ', ' + Alias From @Aliases T2 Where T2.FirstName = T1.FirstName and T2.LastName = T2.LastName FOR XML PATH('')),1,2,'')) as Aliases
From @Aliases T1
Order By [LastName], [FirstName]

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Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorCommented:
 ssn_group =  STUFF((SELECT ', ' + tbl1.tx_NPI  AS [text()]
           FROM (SELECT DISTINCT id, ssn_group_values tbl12 ) tbl12
           WHERE =
          FOR XML PATH('')), 1, 1, '')
 FROM ssn_group_values tbl1
 WHERE = 22

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shragiAuthor Commented:
Actually i made a simple mistake in my query...
In the below query ... (in stuff sub query) it should be tbl12.tx_npi but
i wrote tbl1.tx_NPI ...that is the mistake...
when i fiexd that it worked... but thanks for all the responses...

 ssn_group =  STUFF((SELECT ', ' + tbl12.tx_NPI  AS [text()]
           FROM ssn_group_values tbl12
           WHERE =
          FOR XML PATH('')), 1, 1, '')
 FROM ssn_group_values tbl1
 WHERE = 22

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