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I seem to have got myself in a muddle or lack of understanding of licenses and services required.

I wish to set up a share point site and publish a Microsoft Access application for multiple users.  For testing I have 2 SharePoint online plan 1 licenses, and when I log in at can see that I have Admin for Sharepoint and Admin for Office 365 which I can switch between.

It does not allow me to change plans to online plan 2, which is what I think I need, and nowhere can I see 'Add Action' for Access App.

Am looking at SharePoint as alternative to terminal services for an existing application that 10 companies use, so need separate instances\sharepoint site for each company.  What licenses, plans, services do I need to deploy as a minimum and then what for the users again as a minimum to reduce costs.  I.e can one sharepoint site provide 10 private sites that use an Access App etc.
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To purchase SharePoint Online Plan 2, select Admin -> Office 365 -> Purchase services on the left -> SharePoint Online Plan 2.

However I dont think you need Plan 2 for Access services, see for example here:

I'm not much of a database guy so I cannot help there. Some functionality you need might actually require plan 2, so take some time to explore the above document. As for the actual 'access database to SharePoint Online' issue, use this guide:


Still trying to find out how I actually get the service to use an Access app on sharepoint, I cannot see it anywhere in my sharepoint admin area?

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