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Hello, and thanks in advance for your help (and enduring this lengthy question :).  I appreciate any advice/opinions, but please read the entire question before answering.  Firstly, let me explain my situation and current setup:

I'm have bonded DSL (8 Mbps-1 up) through a rural ISP, which is currently the fastest connection currently available to me.  However, the ISP should have fiber in my area within a year, so I also want to be ready for that-when the time comes.

Physical Environment:
I have about 3800sf including a poured concrete basement (which is where the DSL line comes in).  I also have CAT5e ran underground to a detached garage.  

My Current Network Configuration:
The DSL comes into a (ISP Provided) bonded modem in the basement.  The modem is configured to pass everything on to the next device-which is a Linksys WRT54G also in the basement and at the location where most of my Cat5e home-runs are (FYI all routers have DD-WRT installed).  I have about 12 home runs here.  This router is connected to an eight port 10/100 switch and to a Linksys WAP in the detached garage.  The switch connects to several devices throughout the house including one run which goes to a point in my attic; where I have several home runs to my office.  There is a switch in the attic to connect the office to the main router.  (I did this to save cable, and am considering removing the attic switch and patching these runs on to the basement).  I also have a wireless Linksys router in the office which covers the upstairs.

My Issue(s) and Questions:
Although the topography may be considered a mess :) it is currently operating fairly well.
However, I would like as much control over the network as possible.  I would like to upgrade my wired network to gigabit, and wireless to "N", but I am on a pretty tight budget.  I had considered using an older wired router behind the modem, run to a gigabit switch and go from there, but I don't know the best way (and most economical) to control the bandwidth, do filtering, logging, Etc.  

My Priorities (budget $100-$300):
1)Upgrade wired network to gigabit and at least 1 wireless N router
2)Control bandwidth via Mac address - Wireless at minimum
3)Do what internet filtering and logging possible (8 year old in house)

I'm comfortable with all hardware, DD-WRT, but not very comfortable with Linux without step by step instructions.  I do some media streaming and have a QNAP Nas on the network, and will probably set up a VPN at some point.

Thanks for any advice, and I will try to be as fair as possible when rewarding points for the most complete/practical answer(s).
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Soulja53 6F 75 6C 6A 61 Commented:
There is such a wife variety of soho routers that offer wireless N and some form of bandwidth control for the WAN, it's really up to you on what you pick. As for filtering, most offer some type of URL/Keyword type of filtering.

There are plenty of unmanaged Gigabit switches. Managed Gigabit switches may exceed your budget.

As for free filtering solutions, you can use OPENDNS. I use this for my teenagers very successfully.
For VPN you can use OPENVPN. I use this also with no issues.

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