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I need to set up wireless infrastructure at my office floor. Technically it is an upgrade. I have old hardware 2106 WLC with 1150 access points which are not supporting past 7.0 firmware.  The way it works as I understated is that APs build the tunnel to the controller and controller takes care of the traffic, meaning if the appliance is attached through a single wire to a core switch, this wire is a bottleneck for all Internet traffic. The point of upgrade is to increase throughput but the more a device has the more it costs. I am in the middle of testing virtual WLC but it only supports flexconnect. The difference between local mode of AP is that it can use VLAN switching of the switch and does not have to use controller for this purpose. I have no need for remote offices only local setup. Could I in this case still use flexconnect for all my AP with WLC of lower throughput like 2500 series instead of expensive 5500 or 5700 series. Can clients still roam. What are the caveats vs APs in local mode? The contact with WLC is assumed to be always available because of local LAN.
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Craig BeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, about the vWLC... although you have to configure the APs in FlexConnect mode, you don't have to configure the WLAN in FlexConnect mode.  This means you can still centrally switch your traffic through the WLC.

Anyhow, firstly I'm assuming you mean the 1140 series APs and that you mistyped 1150 (because the 2106 only supports a total of 6x APs, and not 1150x APs)?

If you only have up-to 6 APs the 2504 WLC will be more than enough for what you need.  I'd advise you install v7.4 code at least on it to enable LAG for port aggregation and simplified configuration, as more bandwidth is a requirement.

If you use the 2504 it's easier to leave the APs in local mode instead of FlexConnect mode.  You can do it either way though - it's up to you.
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