Expanding an IF argument to checking condition in 3 different cells

I have a formula that populates cell F2 based on the contents of AA2:

=IF(AA2="","n/a",IF(AA2="Cancelled","n/a",IF(AA2="New","Need sign-off",IF(AA2="No change","n/a",""))))

I would like to expand this formula so that in addition to checking the contents of AA2, it also checks the contents of AQ2 and BG2. That is the only change to the formula that is required...all other elements would stay the same.

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byundtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A little shorter formula using array constants:
=IF(SUM(COUNTIF(INDIRECT({"AA","AQ","BG"}&ROW(AA2)),{"","Cancelled","No change"})),"n/a",IF(OR(AA2="New",AQ2="New",BG2="New"),"Need sign-off",""))
CorinTackNetwork EngineerCommented:
The following formula should accomplish what you're looking for, if I understand you correctly, and will do so a bit more efficiently (fewer IF statements) using the OR option.

=IF(OR(AA2="",AA2="Cancelled",AA2="No change",AQ2="",AQ2="Cancelled",AQ2="No change",BG2="",BG2="Cancelled",BG2="No change"),"n/a",IF(OR(AA2="New",AQ2="New",BG2="New"),"Need sign-off"))
AndreamaryAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both of you for answering my question so quickly! I tried both solutions, and this is the one that worked + it has the added bonus of being a shorter formula!
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