Unable to open files in a shared NAS folder

Dear Experts,

We have problem opening any file (doc, xls, pdf, ppt...) from out NAS Storage (Netgear READYNAS NV+).
When you try to double click on a file you get a message saying: "Cannot open file because either the file is not a supported file type OR because the file was damaged".
While looking for a solution (thought there was a problem with my NAS) I discovered the below result (http://www.experts-exchange.com/OS/Microsoft_Operating_Systems/Server/Q_28261182.html) that made me suspicious that my problem is with viruses!
I scanned a few computers on the domain and found the ransom ware Trojan/virus on a couple of machines and removed them using tools mentioned on the above link (seems like they have been removed) BUT I still cannot open the files!

Btw, they are not locked.

Any ideas please?
Thank you all for your time!

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Sounds like you might have been affected by a Ransom virus.

We had one at a site recently that worked through all local and mapped drives encrypting all document based files and when it finished it told the user to pay $300 and they would give the decryption key!

We had to restore from a backup, but it was a horrible virus if that is your problem.


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PanosOreganoAuthor Commented:
It might be Wayne...Thank for the post.

The problem is that the Netgear NAS runs on Linux and any file I try to open has a problem opening as mentioned above.
The problem, apart from making sure I got rid of the virus, is how do I FIX the files on the NAS.
If it is a problem with a Ransom virus and the files have been Encrypted, the only real option is to restore from a backup.  

The other way is to pay the ransom if you have the details, but would not recommend that.  But if you have stopped the process half way through and cleaned the virus out then you won't know which ransom file it was anyway.

As a definite test I'd say try and copy a file locally onto a machine and see if that opens OK.  If it does then its not a Ransom virus, but if you still have the same issue then it is quite likely!

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PanosOreganoAuthor Commented:
I have tried/copied some files on a totally different machine, no luck. same error message.
Sorry, it really does sound like the files have been encrypted then!

Were the paths available on machines as a Mapped Drive, as normally that's the only way that files get affected?

If this is the case, I guess the only way really then would be to restore from a backup.

PanosOreganoAuthor Commented:
Yes, the paths were mapped!

I am trying to find a solution on how to "fix" the files.
I don't think you will be able to...

If its a Ransom virus, especially something like Bitlocker, then its a very secure encryption so the only way to decrypt them is to get the key!

Ransomware has no solution unless you purchase key from crooks. Files are most likely encrypted. Backup the backups into some other medium besides the NAS in the future.
Depending on whether you have features like Volume Shadow Copys, previous backups on your net, you can forget about these files now. Your only other choice is to submit to a data recovery company to establish that files are encrypted and not corrupted. However, if you already positively identified ransomware, game over.

Sorry to reaffirm your worst suspicion.

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