Removing a parameter from the Record Selection returns unusual amount of results. Did I do this correctly.

The goal was to remove all the components of the {?AdoptedTerr} parameter so that users would not see it in a modified report. So the following is the former and current change made to the reports Record Selection.

if {?RptTerr} = "ALL" then
{Rpt_SalesSummaryAdopted_sproc_MAC_RAMS;1.Terr} in "00" to "ZZ"
if {?RptTerr} = "ALL" and {?AdoptedTerr} <> "ALL" then
   ({Rpt_SalesSummaryAdopted_sproc_MAC_RAMS;1.Terr} in "00" to "ZZ" and {@TimsTerritory} )
      or ({Rpt_SalesSummaryAdopted_sproc_MAC_RAMS;1.Terr}in {?AdoptedTerr}
      and {@AdoptedTerritory} and {Rpt_SalesSummaryAdopted_sproc_MAC_RAMS;1.TerrAdopted} in "99" to "ZZ")
        if {?RptTerr} <> "ALL" and {?AdoptedTerr} = "ALL" then
        ({Rpt_SalesSummaryAdopted_sproc_MAC_RAMS;1.Terr} in {?RptTerr} and {@TimsTerritory})
         or ({Rpt_SalesSummaryAdopted_sproc_MAC_RAMS;1.Terr} in "00" to "ZZ"
      and {@AdoptedTerritory} and {Rpt_SalesSummaryAdopted_sproc_MAC_RAMS;1.TerrAdopted}in {?RptTerr})
        ({Rpt_SalesSummaryAdopted_sproc_MAC_RAMS;1.Terr} in {?RptTerr} and {@TimsTerritory} )
          or ({Rpt_SalesSummaryAdopted_sproc_MAC_RAMS;1.Terr} in {?AdoptedTerr}
      and {@AdoptedTerritory} and
{Rpt_SalesSummaryAdopted_sproc_MAC_RAMS;1.TerrAdopted} in {?RptTerr} )

Embedded formulas in Record Selection:

If you are wondering what the Formula for {@TimsTerritory}  is ......
{Rpt_SalesSummaryAdopted_sproc_MAC_RAMS;1.Terr} =

and ......
{@AdoptedTerritory} is ..............
{Rpt_SalesSummaryAdopted_sproc_MAC_RAMS;1.Terr} <> {Rpt_SalesSummaryAdopted_sproc_MAC_RAMS;1.TerrAdopted}

My question is will this formula take care of the reports Record Selection if I replace the above section with the following.

if {?RptTerr} = "ALL" then true else {?RptTerr} = {Rpt_SalesSummaryAdopted_sproc_MAC_RAMS;1.Terr}

I ask this because when I replaced the record selection I went from 35481 records to 130921 records
Fletcher BurdineTableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Asked:
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your longer formula has additional filtering so it is doubtful that the 2 are equivalent.

Fletcher BurdineTableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
That is correct. I went ahead and put the results after removal out to testing and will let the users determine if there was a problem. I was told to take the value Adopted Territory out so I did. I guess we will see if the controller was correct in the request.
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