Dell Optiplex 7010 desktop audio stuttering

I work at a medical pathology lab and we have pathologists who record their dictations of medical findings for our transcription staff who then committ those recordings to a harcopy pathology report.

We recently got some Dell optiplex 7010's and they are running XP Pro 32-bit so our main laboratory application will work correctly.  They in the process of releasing o WIndows 7 version.

I updated the audio driver from the Dell site (10-16-13 release) but this did not work.  I have logged on to several different user profiles on this computer and its still the same stuttering audio.

I tried disabling the Hyperthreading in the BIOS.  I have not tried disabling any cores.

I wondered if anyone has encountered this issue that might provide information as to the resolution, if any, to save some time.  The sound card is embedded on the mainboard.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for sending any information my way.

Best regards,

Jim K.
Incyte Diagnostics IT
Spokane, WA
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First thing I normally do with Dell machines is diags...they've a builtin hardware diags section on most of their machines - Press F12 after switching on and select Diags/Hardware Diags

Boot up into that and test the audio card - that will confirm if the hardware itself is working - then once you've confirmed that you know its a driver/windows issue...

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Have you considered already installing Windows 7 on those PC's and then check whether sound works fine?

You could then run your main lab application as a VM using Windows XP Mode, which is a free download from the M$ site for Windows 7 Pro and above. On a multi-core CPU XP mode should run fast enough. This would also have the advantage that moving on to the new version of your App would be smoother, as you'd only have to install the new new app.
colorbarsAuthor Commented:
Forgot about the diags in Dells.  As far as installing Win7 with XP Mode, we have done that on other computers and failing a solution for this, that will probably the next thing I do.

Thanks for the help and information!
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