EXmerge and subfolders under Inbox not appearing

I'm trying to export a user's mailbox to pst file. I set up RSG and see the mailbox, But when I export as .pst file from exmerge, it only exports emails under Inbox, but missing emails under subfolders of Inbox. Is there a way to export all subfolders and emails under Inbox? The user has hundred subfolders, he lives with Outlook, made his inbox so complicated...

windows 2003
exchange 2003 std
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That sounds like a permissions problem.

What user context are you running EXMERGE in?

It also might be that its hitting the maximum number of corrupt items and failing. If that is the case though it should show in the EXMERGE screen.


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crcsupportAuthor Commented:
Domain Administrator which is also local administrators of the server.
I excluded only deleted items, the size shows 1400MB which is under 2GB
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Domain Admin does not mean it will have permissions to the mailbox.
In actual fact it usually does NOT have permissions, due to a change in the security model that Microsoft introduced.

When I am doing an exmerge I will usually create a specific user for the process, that is just a domain user, and has the required permissions in Exchange (Exchange View Only admin and then Full Mailbox to the target).

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crcsupportAuthor Commented:
I think I gave the permission to the domain administrator before, so... I'm doing it again excluding deleted folders and others.
That is only an issue for a normal storage group Simon, not for an RSG.  Admin users have full access to an RSG store.

crcsupportAuthor Commented:
I finished extracting pst file from RSG. I checked permission on the mail storage of RSG, as Wayne pointed, I didn't have the permission, but was able to.

I think the issue was the size of mailbox. It's weird, it says it completed 100%, then it didn't actually completed it. Then I exlucded deleted items, calenders, notes, etc. to make down less than 1GB, it extracted the subfolders of inbox as I wanted.

Thank you all
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