Phantom Columns Exporting from Excel to Access

I have a spreadsheet that has validation vbscript written on the first 84 columns.  When I go to import this spreadsheet into Access, it will not append to the current table in the datbase as it adds hundreds of columns (up to 255 obviously) to the spreadsheet upon import.  When I go to the spreadsheet there is nothing in those columns...I have even selected them all <CTRL/SHIFT Right Arrow> and hit the delete.

Why is it adding all of these phantom columns?  I need to get rid of these so it properly does the append import to access.
Lee R Liddick JrReporting AnalystAsked:
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Jeffrey CoachmanConnect With a Mentor MIS LiasonCommented:
Without having access to this spreadsheet it is hard to say.

Can you post a sample of this spreadsheet?

If not then what can happen is that even though you may not see any "Columns" they may still be there.
    <I have even selected them all <CTRL/SHIFT Right Arrow> and hit the delete.>
That will delete the "Values", not the formats, comments, ...etc
Do <CTRL/SHIFT Right Arrow> again and select:
Edit-->Clear--ALL (for Access 2003 and older)

For Access 2007 and higher it wiil be something like:
Home-->Editing-->Clear-->Clear ALL

Then save and close the file.
Then reopen the file and do Ctrl+Shift+End, see what is now the entire data range.

Have you tried saving the file as text and seeing if there are funky characters been added to it?
Lee R Liddick JrReporting AnalystAuthor Commented:
no, because I highlighted all columns to the right preceeding my good columns and deleted anything in those columns, rendering them, as blank.
Lee R Liddick JrReporting AnalystAuthor Commented:
Clear All worked...thank you.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
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