concepts regarding a click once visual studio deployment

I've had some success with a click once deployment of an application within our organization.

I would like to share the application with others in the same line of work, who do not have access to our Intranet or file system.

Is there a way I can package a click once Visual Studio 2010 application, so that it references itself where ever it is moved to?

I'd like to zip up the current deployment folder which is on our server,
send it to others so that they can unzip it and put it on there server.

How can I do that?

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Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
simply zip up the directory where your project and solutions are stored
and send it to whomever you want

when they open it in visual studio, it should run correctly assuming you use relative paths

Make sure not to have your servers or passwords hardcoded in there
philkryderAuthor Commented:
I didn't want them to open it in VS.
I wanted them to click once and deploy it.
They may not even own VS.

where do I check for the use of Relative Paths?
 I know how to check the VB code for Relative Paths,  
how do I check/change the manifests?
Do you want them to be able to deploy it onto their servers as clickonce app? I think you need to publish the app from VS for it to be available as a clickonce app. Though you can publish your app on a CD from VS and see if that works. Otherwise, it would need to be either MSI install or a simple folder copy and paste.
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philkryderAuthor Commented:
>>Do you want them to be able to deploy it onto their servers as clickonce app?

I'd like to be able to give the admins at the other sites a zip file that they could expand on one of their servers and have a shortcut or link to the setup.exe that users could click once and run.
I am not sure if it would work but what happens if you zip the current deployed folder, deploy it to another server and then launch it from there?
philkryderAuthor Commented:
It asks for files from the original server
Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
you need to publish it, and send the the installation files

or publish it to the internet

if you need to change relative paths, then the best thing is to create a settings file, and have the application have a setup phase where the user picks the settings (paths)
philkryderAuthor Commented:
I DO publish it. And it installs fine as long as the folder to which it was published is available.

If we try to use the setup.exe from a different location, it can't find need files.

I do not want or need the user to be selecting things. I just want it to self install from the published package.
I think it stores the published location in some xml file in the package. See if you can manually modify it to make it work.
philkryderAuthor Commented:
so further investigation lead to this

which uses the syntax:

which will publish into a folder called  publish\foldername in the applicationName folder in the solution.

This publish\foldername folder can be relocated and will install the app by clicking on the setup.exe

if someone would like to read up on this and make a more clear cogent post, I'll award the points. Phil

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philkryderAuthor Commented:
anyone want the points?
philkryderAuthor Commented:
it worked.
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