Real life Custom Workflow Situations

Easy question, and is not even a question about a problem. I have done all real world stuff in SharePoint Designer. I am learning about Web Solution Deployment , VS, C#. I am understanding it. What the courses I am taking do not do is to give real life reasons or examples as to what type of situations one would have to do this via VS WSP. If the first two people that answer can give me maybe two or three brief examples of what the actual situation was that they had to use WSPs for custom Workflows, and what exact problem of the company it solved that couldn't be solved in SP Designer, I would really appreciate it. There are no wrong answers so the first two people to respond split the full 500 points. I will also be asking about Custom Lists as well in another post. So if you want some easy points, look for those as well

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Rainer JeschorCommented:
Hi Robert,
pretty much the same situation for workflows as for web parts.
As soon as the built-in functionality is not enough and you have no other workflow activities (some are available for free at Codeplex) then you have to do a coded workflow.
E.g. some part of the workflow has to run with privileged permissions. Or if you want to loop through another list and do mass updates ...
Also if you want to provide a workflow with rich configuration options just to be re-usable on other instances then the only way you have is to deploy that workflow as a SharePoint solution. And finally if you have a SDLC in place - then a package is the only way to transport the workflow from Dev to test to Quality to Production.


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BobHavertyComhAuthor Commented:
Again, the only person who has answered so you get all the points. Hopefully these are real easy ones for you. You brought up actions and I know that VS would be needed to create a custom action for SPD and can then be used by SPD and show up on it's options list. What specific situation or problem did you have to solve that required a custom WF action that wasn't included in SPD?

Looping through another list. One can set a value on another list item in SPD, but I do notice that using the SPD tool, your query will only give back the first result. So if one wants to update multiple items on another list, I guess one has to run a query with more robust results and then run a loop to update all items that come back from the query. Is this what you are talking about?

I thought that reusable workflows are available to a site collection and can be created in SPD. Are you talking about deploying resuable workflows to many or all site collections on a farm?

Also, you lost me on the term SDLC. I'm guessing it is SharePoint Designer List something?

Sorry for the additional clarification requests, but hopefully you can give a few really quick clarifications and I'll mark it as solved. Either way, I'll mark it as solved.

Thanks again. I just don't know where else someone can ask questions like mine as answers like these aren't really available on google or else I would just get them there. They are all about how to solve a problem, but not why  and when people would choose to do things a certain way.
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