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Hello, trying to use the conditional formatting.  In C24 i need yellow if in c5 there are the word "TS" located within that cell,  The cell contain mulitple data values, but if there is a "TS" in there then change the the color of C24 to yellow.  I need the exact same thing done for D6:Z6, and highlighting the cells D24;Z24 based on the corresponding cell.

Basically once i get the formula down for C24, do i have to manually type the formula in each cell for example D6, E6, F6 each would need each own formula, or is there a way to do it all at once.
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The conditional formula for C24 would be:


Then select D24:Z24 and use CF formula:


The D24 will adjust relatively for the rest of the cells in your selection.

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sandramacAuthor Commented:
That second one should have been:

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sandramacAuthor Commented:
Oh just caught something, it does not change if C5 has TSBC, it only looks for "TS"
sandramacAuthor Commented:
C5 should have changed to yellow since there is TS in it. How do I adjust for that
It highlights fine for me.

Go back and look at the conditional formula and make sure there are no quotes around it... and that it is referencing the cell you are looking at.
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