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I am currently limited to 3 host servers in my vCenter server due to the Essentials license.  If I had another vCenter license would I be able to add 3 more host servers or would I need to create another vCenter server and add the new servers there?
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It only licenses up to 3 hosts so you would have to have 2 vCenters with another 3 hosts etc.  Otherwise you would have to switch to a standard licensing or advanced acceleration kits
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VMware vSphere Essentials licenses are essentially, Starter Packs, you cannot add more than 3 Hosts, Link vCenter Servers, or add any upgrades.

BUT, if you discuss with your VMware Partner, they could cut you a deal, we would!

If you created a new vCenter Server, you would be able to add 3 Host Servers to it, if you had a VMware vSphere Essentials License.

but you cannot link Essentials vCenter Servers together.

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