Google calendar invite, showing up as regular email message

We use Google apps for business for our emails and calendar. When one of my users (let's call him User A) sends an invite to another user (we'll call him User B), the invite is received as an email message and the message icon is also that of an email message.

When User A sends me a calendar invite I receive it as a calendar invite. It appears that only User B is affected by this problem so far. We use Microsoft Outlook 2010 with Google Apps Sync, for our emails.
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Daniel McAllisterConnect With a Mentor President, IT4SOHO, LLCCommented:
The invite actually *IS* just an e-mail message. The difference is in the client and/or the client settings.

If you have the Google Apps installed, as well as a Google Calendar with which to synch, the email should show up as a "special" type of invite -- but it's the client software essentially "recognizing" the email message format to be an invite that makes it so.

If you open the mailbox with any other client (no G-Apps), it's just an email with information about an event...

Jackie ManCommented:
Are the email addresses for User A and User B and you listed under the same domain?
bobox00Author Commented:
Plan to re-install the recipient's Google Apps Sync. The invite looks normal, when the recipient logs on in a web browser
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