Redirect after Lookup ? -- MVC 4 C#

How can I get the below
to just do the redirection or do
some other way since users will have the
link, but I need to get them to ?
User Steps
 1. user clicks on

 2. below LOOKUP happens
    which returns "176"
      WHERE (IFSWO = '25011')

 3. automatically redirects to
Possible Programming Steps ?

 1. add below to MAINT_WORK_REQController.cs

        public ActionResult LookupByWorkOrderNumber(string sabWorkOrderNumber)
            var myPOs =
            (from p in db.MAINT_WORK_REQ
              p.WorkFlowStage == 3 && p.ID == sabWorkOrderNumber
             select p

            return View(myPOs);

 2. create LookupByWorkOrderNumber.cshtml
      ** just a page that runs the above CODE and forwards to
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Alexandre SimõesConnect With a Mentor Manager / Technology SpecialistCommented:
Have you tried
return Redirect("");

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apeterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Controllers are just classes - new one up and call the action method just like you would any other class member:

var result = new AnotherController().Someaction("parameter");
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