Foxpro InternetExplorer.Application object

I use the InternetExplorer.Application object to automatically sign into Yahoo

The following code has been working for a few year on Internet Explorer version 8,
but when I upgraded to version 9 it no longer works. The user name and password fill the text boxes, but the submit button doesn't 'click' to submit the form. I also tried which until now also works, but for Internet Explorer 9 and above, it doesn't:




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You have to look at the login_form HTML code and check the button name under IE 9. Then you should call the Click method of the button:


BTW, to store passwords in the app code isn't good security practice. Users should fill passwords manually and then press the appropriate button.
esak2000Author Commented:
As expressed in my original post, I also tried the click method, but that didn't work either.
Thank you for the best practice comment.
The original post says  ""  which is different from  oIE.Document.login_form.submit.Click()

Did you look at the login page source already? The button does not have "submit" name. I'll test it later.

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Try this:


and you may play with Click parameters probably.
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