How to use Guid datatype in C#

Hi Expert,

I like to insert data to a column which are Guid datatype.

I like to insert two records

@p_Student_ID = new Guid("1A1A1A1A-AD43-499E-839F-32E31A1A1A1A")
@p_Student_ID = new Guid("1B1B1B1B-AD43-499E-839F-32E31B1B1B1B")

Can I declare a variable and assign a value later like string?

String S1="";

If (i==0)
Else if (i==1)

Thanks in advance
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if its local variable for a method, you would need to initialize it but if it is a class member you could assign a value at any time.

you can generally assign values at any given time but you cannot access before a value is assigned...
im not sure if i have understood your question so if you need more information, just let me know
dshi15Author Commented:
It is class member, but how I can declare it and assign value in the method,

Public Class ABC
Guid  Student_ID =New Guid("");

Public void DEF()

for (int i = 0; i <= 1; i++)

     If (i==0)
         Student_ID =new Guid("1A1A1A1A-AD43-499E-839F-32E31A1A1A1A")    
     Else if (i==1)
         Student_ID =new Guid("1B1B1B1B-AD43-499E-839F-32E31B1B1B1B")

     other code here

        cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p_Student_ID", Student_ID);

the syntax isn't correct, what is correct syntax to declare this Guid variable and assign these value to it?

if you want to do it dynamically just use the static method

Guid Student_ID = Guid.NewGuid();

you can ToString() it to use for display if that is what you need

string str = Student_ID.ToString();

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