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My report has report header, footer and a table. Right below the header and right above the footer, I put a textbox to display multiple filter values. see attached designtime screen. The report layout is perfect at preview.

When I save the report as PDF file, and then open the PDF, I found that the hight of the textboxes which display filter values are not long enough. Some filter values are missing as the textboxes are not auto grown (see the second attached). Especially the second textbox makes the footer been squeezed out of the report page. See the third attached.

How to set auto hight for textboxes? How to make the footer frozen report footer?
or how to make fitler values displaying and footer work together well?

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Jim HornConnect With a Mentor Microsoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
Try setting the Can Grow property of your text boxes to True.
minglelinchAuthor Commented:
Thanks for posting. This property is already set to True. That amybe the reason why preview is working fine. It dynamically grows well at preview. But after I saved the report to PDF file, and then O opened the PDF file, it is massed up. See the previous attached files.
minglelinchAuthor Commented:
The problem is resolved by setting the height of the textbox to long enough and set the property CanShink to true. Then it works nicely in PDF as well as previoew.

I resolved the issue by the hint of Jim's post.
minglelinchAuthor Commented:
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