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Hi. I have a Citrix Web Interface server that uses IIS7 on W2K8R2. IIS is host 2 separate Citrix web pages:
- server.mydomain.com/Citrix/AccessPlatform
- server.mydomain.com/Citrix/RBA

The first web site is the IIS default website, so requests for server.mydomain.com are automatically sent to the server.mydomain.com/Citrix/AccessPlatform website. However, I would like to redirect requests for server.mydomain.com/RBA to server.mydomain.com/Citrix/RBA website. I simply want to shorten the URL that users need to remember for the second website.

Both websites exist under the "Default Web Site" heading in IIS, and then under the Citrix folder.

I have added the HTTP Redirection role service to IIS, but I'm not sure that is the correct way to achieve the results I want. Can someone offer some advice? Thanks in advance!
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Dirk KotteConnect With a Mentor SECommented:
there is a default document named "webinterface.htm" at the webserver-root.
this document redirect the server-call without path or document to the /Citrix/AccessPlatform folder.
it is the same like calling "http://server.mydomain.com/webinterface.htm"

you can create a folder named "RBA" and place a copy of the "webinterface.html" or "default.htm" here.
You have to adapt the simple code within this document.

... or place a copy of "webinterface.html" at the root and mane this file "RBA.htm" and alter this document.

but i take a link to the second site at the first one mostly. So users don't have to remember the full path.
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