Microsoft Exchange Migration form 2007 to 2010

We deployed a CAS server and Mailbox 2010 Exchange server to an Microsoft Exchange 2007 environment.
All servers are working. The Exchange server 2007 is sending and receiving email (MX records and firewall rules are pointed to this server).
We are ready to move user's mailboxes to Exchange 2010. How we can move the mailboxes without service interruption to users?

Thank you
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When you do the New Local Move request, check the checkbox: Suspend this move when it is ready to complete.

Select this check box to suspend the move request before the completion stage begins. You can resume the move request at a later time.

I've done that for our users, moved their mailboxes to new exchange and complete those move request after hours. They will have to close outlook and re-open it next day.
You should take the exchange backup and and then transfer it to the new exchange which is 2010 in your scenario. Else, the risks involved within the migration process may hamper the business continuity. Well the best option is to go for an offline backup for exchange 2007 database and then migrate it to exchange 2010 using any third party tool. If you need suggestions, ask community for it.
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