crystal report 9 won't run stored procedure within stored procedure

I want to capture how many times a stored procedure is run so I can easily get rid of obsolete code.  

1.  Crystal report uses SP a_cstPOPriceVsStdCost.  
2.  a_cstPOPriceVsStdCost executes a_cstZRecordSPUsed to capture usage info.  

Problem is, I get zero records when I run my report.  If I run a_cstPOPriceVsStdCost outside of the report, it captures the info perfectly.  

================ Crystal runs this SP


--****** gather usage info
declare @GetSPName varchar(255)
declare @GetUserName varchar(25)

SET @GetSPName=object_name(@@procid)
set @GetUserName=current_user

execute a_cstZRecordSPUsed @GetSPName, @GetUserName
--****** end gather usage info

SELECT pol.OrdResc, br.Description RescDesc
FROM poPurchaseOrder po
WHERE DelStat=8

alter procedure a_cstZRecordSPUsed
       @SP varchar(255), @UserName varchar(15) as

DECLARE @Count int

              FROM cstZ_SPUsage
              WHERE UserName=@UserName
                    and SP=@SP)

IF @Count<=0 or @Count is null
  INSERT cstZ_SPUsage (SP, UserName, DateUsed, UseCount)
  SELECT @SP, @UserName, getdate(),1
  UPDATE cstZ_SPUsage
  SET DateUsed = getdate(), UseCount=UseCount+1
  WHERE SP=@SP and UserName = @UserName
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How are you running the report?
Is it through an application?

I know there are problems using SPs with Crystal in that Crystal uses the first SELECT statement it finds.

I think the problem is the SP is being run by a system user not the logged in user so it may not get the correct  CUrrentUser back to run the report.

add SET NOCOUNT ON as it is shown bellow:


--****** gather usage info
declare @GetSPName varchar(255)
declare @GetUserName varchar(25)


SET @GetSPName=object_name(@@procid)
gebiglerAuthor Commented:
It looks like the issue may have been a field size.  I changed the user field size and it works.  

I've had stored procedures run correctly via query analyzer where crystal reports was stricter.  Thanks!

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gebiglerAuthor Commented:
I was able to fix the issue by changing field size.
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