Exchange 2010 and Error 8010- message being rejected

My spam appliance is passing emails with attachment through. I checked and they are not being blocked. However when the email with attachment reaches the Cas server the email is gone. Checking the log I find the below

A message with the Internal Message ID ### was rejected by the remote server.  This message will be deferred and retried because it was marked for retry if rejected.  Other messages may also have encountered this error.

It is happening to all emails with attachment (both in internal + external). Everything was fine a couple of days ago so not sure what is happening.

I do have journaling on and I checked the journaling appliance and the email with attachment does not make it there either
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Skyler KincaidConnect With a Mentor Network/Systems EngineerCommented:

Run the Exchange Management Shell Get-Message cmdlet with the IncludeRecipientInfo parameter. The cmdlet should return the error message that explains why the message was rejected.

There has to be somewhere else that you can get a little more information as to why the messages are being blocked. Is there anyway that you can temporarily stop routing of your email through the spam filter to verify that is not the issue.

Typically Exchange servers don't have any problems handling messages with attachments, that is a joke, so my bet would be on the spam filter. You should start by calling the support for your spam filter because everything is pointing to it or whatever headers it is putting on the messages causing them to fail. Maybe even try rebooting it as a simple first step?
iamuserAuthor Commented:
i did run the Exchange Management Shell Get-Message cmdlet with the IncludeRecipientInfo parameter. And it came back blank and that is a problem
iamuserAuthor Commented:
sorry, I figured out the problem and it has nothing to do with the spam filter it's something else. I wanted to thank you for your time
Skyler KincaidNetwork/Systems EngineerCommented:
What was the issue if you don't mind me asking? These questions are for you and other to learn and have solutions so it is great if you can post your findings!
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