Reading List question Windows 8.1

I am trying to make use of Reading List on my PC and Windows 8.1.  However, what happens on my screen does not match the instructions on Reading List.

I am told that you -- Find article, point to the top right and select share and then select Reading List.  However, I do not see an option for Reading list after selecting Share.

Is this one of those things where you have to be signed in with a Windows Account in order for it to work?  I don't like being signed in with a Windows User Account.  My instincts tell me that if I have constant access to the web, it has constant access to me and I have a lot of private material on my computer that I don't want others to see.

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Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
Which program are you using?

You must be using an application that supports Reading List.

I don't think that will include Desktop applications.
WoodrowAAuthor Commented:
I am accessing web pages on the internet through internet explorer 11. This is on a fairly new HP desktop machine.  When I select Share I get the following:


Share  a screenshot or desktop.

Mail: Send and Email

HP Connected Photo Powered by Snapfish.

But nothing about reading list.
Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
I suspect that you're using the Desktop version of Internet Explorer. You'll only have access to Reading List if you use the Modern UI version.
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Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
Only the default browser can access the Modern UI version. So if you have, for instance, Chrome or Firefox set as default browser you can't access the full screen Modern UI version of Internet Explorer.

In that case you won't be able to access Reading List on IE but you can access it in Chrome in Windows 8 mode.

For instance. I have Chrome as my default browser. I can access Reading List in Chrome in Windows 8 mode, but not in Chrome Desktop mode.

Because I don't have Internet Explorer as my default browser I can't run it in Windows 8 Modern UI mode, therefore I can't use Reading List in Internet Explorer.

I may be behind the times, but last I checked Firefox didn't have a Modern UI version. I'll check.

How to choose between Internet Explorer versions in Windows 8:


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WoodrowAAuthor Commented:
Thank you
WoodrowAAuthor Commented:
Sure enough, when I switched to Windows 8 mode in Chrome I saw the reading list.  Thank you.
Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
You're welcome

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