How to run Java project in a jar file on Unix from a shell script?

I have a Java project in Eclipse and I created a runnable jar file.

Then on Windows, I created a batch file as the following:

set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;\\some\path\to\a\directory\GUI-ext
java -jar \\some\path\to\a\directory\CSGUI10.jar

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And it works fine on Windows.

Now, I try to do the same thing on Unix using tcsh and I have this file:

setenv CLASSPATH /some/path/to/a/directory/GUI-ext/
java -jar /some/path/to/a/directory/GUI-ext/CSGUI10.jar

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When I type the following command nothing happens. The GUI does not start:


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What am I missing?
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Well the two classpath settings are different in kind. The Unix one sets a wholly new one where the Windows one appends

Are you sure the second one only contains class files (not jars)?
TolgarAuthor Commented:
I set it this way because my $CLASSPATH is not defined in the beginning on Unix. By doing this I temporarily solve the undefined problem.

The class paths that I add are the same both on Unix and Windows.
I'm not really familiar with that shell. I would try a test class first before the real app

It's possible that there's actually nothing wrong with the csh script (looks ok to me) and that the problem lies elsewhere

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TolgarAuthor Commented:
ok. I solved the problem. It was about the jre version and the swt library that I use.

Now it works. Thanks,
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