Limit the Printer List to Display Printers from a Specific Print Server

We are just now starting to deploy Windows 7 64bit computers in our department.

We have a new Printer Server that has both the 64bit and 32 bit print drivers installed.  All the printers are published.  

To make it easier for our users to add additional printers as needed, I want to instruct them to just click on the "Add a network, wireless or Blutooth printer" and choose them from there.

However, we have several other print servers on our domian and they don't have 64bit drivers installed.

How can I limit the Printer List to only display printers from that one print server?

I did manage to increase the number of printers displayed through the GPO on the computers, but I don't see any type of filter/limit to a specific print server.


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lindentoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Joe,

i don't know if there is a way to limit/filter this list, but when we did migration of printers, we just advised the users to type the print-server name into the search box of windows 7

Start Menu - Searchbox Type \\printservername\

Hit return and the user is presented with a list of all printers published on the server now he only needs to choose the printer and "right click - connect" it

Best Regards
jtflexAuthor Commented:
Thanks, we talked about just doing that but some of our users can't remember server names and "\" versus "/" and they get frustrated.

I can limit it by location, but our other print server uses the same locations.  Maybe I'll change the location slightly if there is no solution out there.

Thanks again.

David_IngledewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can limit by group - under security just allow the users in the same location to view that printer.

This does rely on you having these groups configured though.

If getting the queues right is hard, label the printers and create a simple printui based batch file that will add the printer for them, That way they just run the batch file and the script will add the printer they wanted.

Group policy is the ideal, then you can easily add a new printer by user or workstation.
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