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We are converting from ms access 2003 xp to ms access 2010 windows 7.
My understanding from reading on the web is that snp is no longer supported
on MS Access 2010.  However when I test the snp option it is still there and I am able
to export and view the snp files ( this is after installing the snpviewer ).
The problem is when the user logs in the same workstation, she can not view the
snp, there is no error msg, just a blank screen with an icon in the center.  When I
log into the same workstation, I am able to view the same snp file.  Being a developer,
I probably have more permission than the user but does any one know what could cause this.  The user will need to be able to view historical snp files from the past few years.
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I have and lots of issues with Access 2010 creating SNP files that are viewable. I have not had any issues viewing old SNP files created with 2003.

I have since converted all my client's SNP files to PDFs using this utility: 

The utility has the option to pass the name of a SNP and it will convert it to a PDF.  I have used this to convert 1000's of SNP files to PDFs.


this really did not answer the question on why snp did not work on the user machine but we decided to just convert the user to access 2010
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this really did not answer the question on why snp did not work on the user machine

Sorry about that. The answer is that is is not supposed to work in 2010. The support for this feature was dropped. If you try,  it does not generate an error. It will generate something. But the generated file has issues. It is just to buggy for me to use.

Snapshot Format

In Access 2010, snapshot format for reports will not be available.

As an alternative, you can export your reports to PDF/XPS and Excel formats instead. This is native functionality that doesn’t require a download.

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