Outook send and receive time

I have a user from Europe (France) which using exchange 2007 mail server which located at Asia.
The server time setting was set to GMT+8.

Question: The Send and Receive shown on email in Outlook referring to server time or pc time?

Let say user send an email and the set time in Outlook is 7.00pm(22 Oct 2013). He want to us to do message tracking from server, so from message tracking log, shall I look for log which generated at 12.00am (23 Oct 2013), let say Asia is 5 hours earlier than France.

Is my assumption correct?
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Malli BoppeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On the out look  cleint its going to us the local time. Ob the  exchange server its going to use the local time where the server is located.

What you said is true
suriyaehnopAuthor Commented:
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