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I have phone numbers on my web page and it seems like it is associated with Skype (see attached). The color does not blend in with my background color. Is there a way to make that font unchanged or unlink to the application? Thanks
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What you are seeing is Skype's "Click-to-Call" feature. It's a legitimate browser plug-in by Skype which modifies the contents of your page and inserts a Skype link in place of your phone number.

You don't get to control the styling. There are a few hacks you can do to override Skype's CSS styles, but these are not officially supported. Really, the best thing is simply to rework your webpage so it accommodates the Skype-styled link.

But there are a few things you can do:

1) Obfuscate your phone number so that the Skype click-to-call browser doesn't recognize it is a number, e.g. insert HTML tags and break the number up into pieces.

2) Override some of the Skype CSS styles - but Skype sometimes puts random characters or numbers after their span tags to make this difficult to do reliably.

3) Use a META tag to hint to the Skype plugin that it should not modify your page.

This StackOverflow thread has a lot of of your options:


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Also, rest assured that only people with skype and the plug in installed will see the link like that. Everybody else will see it as you intended.

That said, it is an issue for all site designers so your site won't be unique in that regard.

But really great to hear those suggestions. I learned something new today.


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