Netflix no longer loads on Smart TV

Melody Scott
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I have a Panasonic Viera, and it connects to my wireless router. Netflix has been working ok, but now it starts to load, I see the usual red screen and loading bar. Then it will go black and go back to satellite. It happens no matter what way I go about it.

The bill is all paid up, and I can get Netflix on my laptop. On the TV, I can get out to other internet services, it's just Netflix. Any ideas? Thanks.
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Gary CaseRetired
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Difficult to say, but it sounds like your connection is dropping.   The easiest way to confirm that is to get a long Ethernet cable and connect the TV directly to your router via cable.

That will confirm whether or not it's a signal issue.    If it is, there are several ways to resolve that.    Post back when you've confirmed that's the issue and we can consider the options.
Another idea...

I don't have the same TV (I have a Sony Bravia, which is wired to the network), but mine has done this a couple times before and the solution was to switch off and unplug the TV for a bit - not long, maybe a minute to make sure whatever power is in there is gone - and then plug it back in and fire it up.

The Netflix software just seems to get into a bit of a funk and 'rebooting' the TV, as it were, certainly does the trick for me.

Apologies if you've already tried this.


No, I haven't tried that one. I'll try the unplugging first, and if that doesn't work I'll run out and pick up an Ethernet cable. Thanks!


Ok, after unplugging the power(and unplugging the wireless usb too, just for fun), the problem became the old standard "We can't connect you to Netflix at this time".  So I need to wait a day to see if that goes away, but at least it isn't just defaulting back to video. Seems to have worked! I think I'll go out and buy a long Ethernet cable to see if it solves this problem. Thanks for your help.

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