Recursive Grep between two words and print on matched word

Hi All,
I've tried this a few different ways however cant seem to work it out.

Given this input file : "$newContents"
Calibre/Item:  Shotgun Shell Holder
Make:  Red Quoll
Model:  Black
Condition:  New

Calibre/Item:  Shotgun Shell Holder
Make:  Red Quoll
Model:  DCPU
Condition:  New

Calibre/Item:  Reloading
Make:  Remington
Model:  357 cases and dies
Condition:  Excellent
State: NSW

Calibre/Item:  30-06
Make:  Ruger
Model:  M77 Mk.II
Action:  Bolt repeater
Scope/Sights:  Zeiss 3-9x40
Condition:  Excellent

Calibre/Item:  222 Rem Mag
Make:  Sako
Model:  L461
Action:  Bolt repeater
Scope/Sights:  Sako rings
Condition:  Good
State: QLD

Calibre/Item:  9mm
Make:  STI
Model:  Custom 1911
Action:  Semi auto
Barrel Length:  152mm Holland Precision
Condition:  Excellent

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Lets say I want to dispaly all the lines between "Calibre/Item" and "http" if  "9mm" is found.
I am using this, which works perfectly

awk '/Calibre\/Item:  9mm/,/http/'  $newContents >>  outputfile.txt

However, When I need to search for "Make" which is the second line in the block, I still need to display everything from "Calibre/Item" and "http". However I can't use awk (becuase I'm not searching for 9mm any more).
SO I've been doing this.

grep -i -B1 -A6 'STI'    $newContents >>  outputfile.txt

I'd like to have a generic grep/awk/sed whatever, where no matter which line in this block
I searched :

Calibre/Item:  9mm
Make:  STI
Model:  Custom 1911
Action:  Semi auto
Barrel Length:  152mm Holland Precision
Condition:  Excellent

It would always display the contents between "Calibre/Item" and "http"

I want to be able to match text on any line : "Custom1911", "$2800", "Semi Auto"

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Try this...
perl -ne 'BEGIN { $/ = "\n\n" } print if /regex/" inputfile > outputfile

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Just replace /regex/ with what you want to search for (/Custom 1911/, /\$2800/, /Semi Auto/, etc).

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samabdelhamidAuthor Commented:
Works a charm. Just had to replace the double quote with a single quote after '/regex/'

THank you

perl -ne 'BEGIN { $/ = "\n\n" } print if /regex/' inputfile > outputfile

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for text in 'Custom1911' '$2800' 'Semi Auto' ; do perl -00 -ne 'BEGIN{$r=shift};print if /\Q$r\E/' "$text" $newContents  >>  outputfile.txt ; done
Sorry, I don't remember seeing an answer when I posted.
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