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Hi All,

I have 2 x Cisco WAP4410 wireless access points here at my office. One is in service and provides the wifi access to office users and the other was purchased as a spare, Lately I have noticed that the signal does not carry through the entire office so I would like to use the spare unit as a range extender or bridge im not sure which one is correct but basically I want to use the same SSID and wpa2 password just increase the signal. I have logged into the web interface and appears that the unit supports this under the APMode settings and I have had an attempt to search for the existing wifi network and enter in the MAC address of the unit providing the wifi to no avail. So I'm not to sure on  just not sure how to actually set this up. I have provided a screen shot of the APMode settings screen below for further reference.

If anyone can provide tips and advise one how to correctly configure this that would be greatly appreciated.

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Craig BeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Configure the AP as a normal AP - in AP mode.
Connect it to the network using an Ethernet cable.
Configure the same SSID, encryption and authentication settings
Configure the AP to use a different channel to the other AP

That's it!
If you don't have an ethernet cable where you want to place the access point, you can consider a powerline adapter.  Using a pair of thoese, you plug one into a wall outlet near your existing router and connect it to the router (or a switch) with an ethernet cable.  Then place the other unit where you want to the router, plug it in and then connect it to the router with an ethernet cable.  Configure as craigbeck suggests and you should be good to go.

Adma1Author Commented:
Thanks Craigbeck that worked perfectly.
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