Dual WAN VPN Router into IPCop proxy with VPNs

Hi Experts,

We are about to get 2 new Internet lines into our building (Cable, 50mb down 5 up each) and have bought a new Dual WAN VPN router (TP-Link) to accept these connections.

We currently use an IPCop proxy server for all outgoing internet requests and a separate line for incoming VPN connections.

Going forward I'd like to have all internet traffic through the new router via the proxy  and VPNs through the new router into the LAN - is this possible, and how as I can't really get my head round it yet.. I've attached a lovely paint diagram of what I'm trying to achieve and would appreciate if someone can tell me a) if it is and b) a rough explanation of how.

Thanks everyone!
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Matt VConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Create a firewall rule in the TP-Link to prevent outbound internet access from anywhere except the IPCop box.

Then create specific rules to allow the VPN connections into the required LAN devices and back out.

Force all PCs to the IPCop using group policy for IE Proxy settings.
graeme_jenkinsAuthor Commented:
Thank you mattvmotas - I think this answers the question..
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