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Migration project underway to upgrade users to a controlled, locked down W7 desktop environment.
Applications need to be approved, licensed and compliant prior to upgrade.
Enterprise citrix farm is in place, servicing enterprise applications.
The greater environment contains ~10 standalone domains, with firewall configs actively in place to facilitate Citrix Program Neighborhood access to independent Citrix farms running Presentation Server 4.5.
Standard configuration to enable access via Citrix (on XP platform), is Citrix Program neighborhood and MANUAL / LOCAL config of access using TCP/IP protocol
ACLs are managed per individual independent domain that is to say, that regardless of whether a user can see the shortcut to the independent domain, they will be required to add in independent domain login to progress. So in essence, we are facilitating access, not granting access.

Need to enable access to ~10 environments (running Citrix Pres. 4.5) in the new environment.

Current approved citrix client is via Citrix Receiver (http protocol).

Target State
1. Find compatible solution that may either involve a Citrix Receiver (HTTP) + Program Neighborhood (TCP/IP) mixed environment. Latter will require x10 shortcuts or configs embedded/packaged. User cannot edit local config files
2. Incorporate "shortcuts" to each ~10 independent domain within the Citrix receiver, taking into account the fact that each farm runs Citrix Pres 4.5.

1. Considering the protocol and Citrix server mismatch, can the "shortcut" be represented in the Citrix Receiver as an application by simply registering the current TCP IP address as a DNS alias thereby enabling the new config to transition to an HTTP configuration
2. Has Citrix Program Neighborhood been discontinued?

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joharderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure I fully understand that last question.  

The ICA file merely provides the mechanism to get to the application.  The actual connection occurs via the ICA protocol.
joharderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Citrix Program Neighborhood forced a connection to a particular server, which will cause a session to fail if the designated server is unavailable.  Web Interface or StoreFront are much better options for front-ending your connections.

While you could use the Quick Launch ( to create an ICA file, this is most commonly done for administrative testing and the like.   Like Program Neighborhood, an ICA file connection points to a specific server.

Citrix Program Neighborhood was discontinued with v11.0 several years ago.  See
Daniel BorgerConnect With a Mentor Senior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
If you implemented storefront/web interface  users could go to the storefront page and launch apps from there after authenticating with correct credentials. Otherwise Like joharder mentioned you could create ICA files, using a utility like this:

I've done that to get streamed apps from a old server farm to run on a new deployment.
I created the ICA files and put them on a network share and then published the apps from there. since you are using  a locked down desktop you could just put shortcuts to the ICA files on the desktop. You will want to use shortcuts that way is something changes with the published app from the old farm you can just generate a new ICA file and place it on the network share.
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Binary2013Author Commented:
Thank you both for the replies, and apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
Clearly upgrade of all the farms is required, but unlikely in the short term.
Next best option would be to install web interface on each farm. Timeframes, funding & politics are unlikely in teh short term also

Am I correct in the following;

1. Install Citrix Receiver
2. Configure separate ICA files per connection (farm), and either deploy shortcuts to the desktop or alternatively deploy the ICA files to each user.

Will this still work with TCPIP protocol settings?

Binary2013Author Commented:
I have done some further research, this is very confusing, particularly with all the new names for the apps.
If I install the supported 12.3 client - online or web plug-in, then can I create custom ICA files and direct them to launch the app in this version as opposed to the other installed version 3.0 (13.1) or will this only work if I install the web interface?
Daniel BorgerConnect With a Mentor Senior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
The ICA file should not be version specific and would launch as long as you have a client installed on the device.
joharderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Please take a look at  It provides the "how to" for creating an ICA file.

You can still use an ICA file, but it's not recommended because you have no redundancy.
Binary2013Author Commented:
Hi All
Have tested it, it works (no surprise your end!)

Point noted about redundancy, but the current setup they have essentially had no redundancy either. I am merely doing a like for like enabling project until such time as full remediation, upgrade of infrastructure comes into play.

The only question I have is;
With the ICA file on a network share, resource and performance is not "realised" at the server, the local client provides the resources (RAM, Processing) that in turn initiates the connection.
The ICA merely contains configurations that are "sucked down and run locally.
Please confirm
Binary2013Author Commented:
Further to this, assuming I have created an ICA file per connection I would like to simplify the deployment.
Rather than have a network share and direct users to launch ICA from that location can I present the ICA files on the web interface?
What I am thinking is that the ICA files can reside on the Citrix farm and that I treat them as an application. The farm then publishes shortcuts on the web interface, and users can launch session from there, via Citrix Receiver.
The Protocols are typically TCPIP + HTTP

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