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My UC560 worked fine until about a week ago, it hung and lost some of the config in NVRAM.  I copied over a saved config and all was back up and running.  When remote offices call in and try to leave voicemail, they get "beep beep beep".  Outside callers and extensions at the main office are fine.  Cisco TAC suggested upgrading the device using CCA.  I did this upgrade to software pack 8.6.2, erased the voicemail flash.  Still get the beep beep beep.  TAC said the 711ulaw codec may need hardcoded but it already is and worked fine until the crash.
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is nothing here on which one can base a suggestion.  Did you try debugging to see what happens when a voicemail is attempted?

Sounds like site to site translation might be at issue.
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