Cisco AP no longer available in the controller

Hi I changed the name of an AP but I believe I changed the name to an existing AP name. I did not get a warning though.

The IP is not the same and I can ping both but unable to see the AP in the controller to adds to a group.
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seaprConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I was able to resolve the issue. I issued a shut and no shut command on the port that AP was connected to. After a few seconds, I could see the AP in the controller and finish configuring it.
seaprAuthor Commented:
I changed the name of the AP I can see hoping that the other would be displayed but no. I can see the AP with the changed name but the new one is still not showing on the controller.

I plan on going onsite tomorrow to factory reset the AP and try again
Craig BeckCommented:
Can you Telnet/SSH to the AP?

If not, turn off the other AP, and wait for 5-10mins to see if the AP you lost comes back.
seaprAuthor Commented:
Was able to resolve myself after working on the issue
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