Question on Connecting 2 Cisco Small Business Series switches.

My basic config is:

Internet --> ASA --> Cisco SG200 --> Cisco SF300 (PoE)
                                        |                        |
                                        |                        |
                                  Desktops              AP's

I need the second switch as it is PoE and powers my AP's.   Now, what is the best way to connect the switches together?  Right now I'm just using a straight through cable to connect 2 of the standard ports.  I have a couple VLANs in this set up (Guest Wifi), but besides that it is a default config on the switches.  Is that the recommended way to connect these to switches?  Both of these are gigabit switches.  I do see ports all the way to the right of both of the switches.  Are those uplink ports or stacking ports that I should be using instead?
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Craig BeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to uplink the switches as they won't stack with eachother.  Therefore the ports on their own to the right are what you should use.

To ensure redundancy you could create an Etherchannel between the two switches.  This would allow two links to carry traffic between the switches and increase bandwidth too.

I'm guessing you've configured the uplinks as trunks to carry both VLANs?
polaris101Author Commented:
What is the difference between the ports on their own on the right?  Yes, I've configured the uplinks as trunks to carry both VLANs.
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