getting music from itunes on my pc on to my iphone 5

I have a pc which is running Windows V7 and iTunes v

I have purchases made via iTunes, and I have also imported some of my own music into the PC iTunes library.

Most of the music has synced, but the stuff I import manually, displays and plays perfectly on my PC, but never appears on my iPhone.

I am running iOS7 on the iPhone.

I also have an iPad mini, which only seems to show the stuff I have purchased via iTunes?

Can anyone help me to get a precise copy of what I have on my PC iTunes onto my iPhone??

Any help appreciated.
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Eoin OSullivanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
MP3 files should be fairly standard and play on all iDevices.

Is there any issue with space on the devices as iTunes will only copy enough music to fit on the device??

You might try the following
1. Create a playlist with 5-10 of the music tracks that you are having problems getting onto the iDevices

2. Plug in the iPad Mini, in iTunes select the device and go to its Music tab. Make sure that the "Selected playlists, artists, albums, genres" radio button is selected

3. Now check the playlist that you just created.

4. Press Apply at the bottom and iTunes will ask you if you want to change the music on the device.  Say yes and wait while it removes the current music and copies the playlist music.

5. If that works then you can manually select which artists, albums, playlists you want to put on the iDevice until you run out of space.  If the music still will not copy over then there is something wrong with the files and you may need to re-encode them or transcode to another file format to try and resolve the issue.

If you post your results we can let you know.

" but the stuff I import manually, displays and plays perfectly on my PC"

what kind of file is that?
post an example
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
For example WAV files will play on iTunes on Windows but cannot be played by default on iPhone so will not copy over.

There are other reasons it may not copy over related to playlists etc but the most likely reason is file format.
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nigelbeatsonAuthor Commented:
all of the files are .mp3 - I just cant work out why some just do not sync onto the iphone and ipad mini.
nigelbeatsonAuthor Commented:
sorry for the delay in responding. Been out of the country for a few weeks.

Will take this up again and let you know what I find.

Many thanks.
if you feel what the expert said is a little complex, you can use a three party software to help you. i know that you have purchased a software to help you. maybe you buy a bad one.
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nigelbeatsonAuthor Commented:
Many thanks - this worked a treat!
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