VPN issue Error 800

I have 2 users both using windows 7 pro who get an 800 error when connecting to our Server 2003 VPN from a hotel.

We have an XP and Windows 8 user who connect fine using the same hotel wifi.

Things I have tried:

1. My VPN settings are identical to the other Win 7 laptops (I confirmed). I connect fine from my location (not at the hotel), and I have windows 7 as well.

2. I had the Win 8 users disconnect and had an unsuccessful  Win 7 user attempt again, to make sure this was not a VPN user limit. Still, they could not connect. The Win 8 user re-connected and got back in as normal.

3. I had the user try their mobile hotspot from their smartphone, to bypass the hotel wifi, but the user says they still cannot connect.

4. Windows Firewall is disabled for all network types, no 3rd party firewall, and only windows defender for AV.

5. I setup a new VPN connection on the Win 7 machine, and tried to log in, but same 800 error.

6. The user was connecting successfully from other locations just a week ago. This is the first time she has used the VPN in a week.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Henk van AchterbergConnect With a Mentor Sr. Technical ConsultantCommented:
It sounds a bit like a location/network issue. Can you use teamviewer to remote controle the laptop when they use their smartphone wifi and try yourself?
Seaton007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you please tell us exactly what the error message says?
ckleavitt2Author Commented:
Yes, I  should have attached this.

800 Error
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ckleavitt2Author Commented:
The connections are pptp to our Server 2003 setup through routing and remote access. All the users connect with the same credentials.
ckleavitt2Author Commented:
Indeed. I used  teamviewer to verify they matched all my settings, since I connect fine. Funny thing. The vpn started working for one Win 7 user, and the the Win 8 user is unable to connect now. I connect fine from my location every time. I  did try my laptop on a 2nd network location (my mobile hotspot)  got an 800 error first, but got in on second try. I think the hotspot was not completely connected though.
Henk van AchterbergSr. Technical ConsultantCommented:
what do you have in front of your 2003 server, a firewall or..? Maybe that device does not like to handle multiple PPTP sessions at once?
Have you tried enabling the logging options to see if it will give you more details?  Also, can they ping/tracert the address it is trying to connect to?
ckleavitt2Author Commented:
We have an modular adtran router/firewall with the VPN ports open. The firewall seems to handle atleast 3 connections for users today. I can see if any logs indicate an issue on the adtran later today.
ckleavitt2Author Commented:
I enabled logging on the server but didnt get much info at first. I will check again later. Ping is disabled.
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