Burn 5.7 GB to Muiltiple CDS

How do you span large amounts of data over muiltple CDs.?
ManieyaK_Citrix Systems / Network AdminAsked:
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abhi_maheConnect With a Mentor Commented:
            If you have latest NERO software installed you can use its  Nero DiscSpan SmartFit feature to span large amounts of data over muiltple CDs.DVDs...

Kindly, also refers to the below link :


ManieyaK_Citrix Systems / Network AdminAuthor Commented:
I've found a Free program that does this very well.


ManieyaK_Citrix Systems / Network AdminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick response.
Why CD's? Can't you go for DVD's? you'd be saving on costs. Also, if your DVD burner is a Dual Layer burner you could fit all that data on one DL DVD!

Apart from that, if the data you want to save is distributed amongst different files, you should have absolutely no problem saving some of the files on one DVD and the rest on another. If it is a backup you are doing, most backup software allows you to split the backup so it it's files will fit on CD's, DVD's or FAT partitions.
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