Getting a percentage from a Sub-summary/TrailingGrandSummary

I have a report with 4 Sub-summary leading, 2 trailing and 1 Trailing Grand Summary

it is a payroll report by divisions.
Job Group
Job Number
Cost Code
total Job Number
Total Job Group

I can get a percentage of Cost Code:Job Number/ Job Group in the Job Group Trailing Summary, but I can't get the percentage for Job Group / Grand Total(all job Groups)

not sure what I need to tell someone, so many see the attached report
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What have you tried?

Are the existing percentages summary functions?

Have you tried copying them and inserting into the appropriate group header?

CRshieldAuthor Commented:
in the sub-summary trailing I have put GetSummary(PayTotalSum;Projects::JobGroupCode)/(PayTotalSum) to get the % of JobGroup to grand total of payroll  -  it comes up zero.

I can get the % in the job number sub-summary trailing

I am assuming that PayTotalSum is not properly coded
What reporting tool are you using?  That doesn't look like Crystal Reports syntax.

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CRshieldAuthor Commented:
filemaker pro
CRshieldAuthor Commented:
not sure what you are talking about
Your question was listed in the Crystal Reports topic area and isn't about Crystal.  That  is why I saw the question and commented initially.

Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.Commented:
It appears that you're not actually using Summary fields, you're using the GetSummary() calculation which is useful and can produce similar results in some situations but is probably not what you need here. You should be using Summary fields instead of the GetSummary() calculation.

A Summary field summarizes a specific field over the range indicated by the sort order for the sub-summary part or for the whole report. You can use the same sub-summary field for the same column in all parts of the report including the Grand Summary. When you create a summary field, you specify the field to summarize and the type of summarization (Total, Avg, etc.).
CRshieldAuthor Commented:
I am new to filemaker formulas, sub-summary, etc.  I am use to Crystal reports.

What you are saying I am not understanding. Is it possible to give me an example?
Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.Commented:
FileMaker has a number of different field types include Text, Number, Container, Calculation and Summary. You are using a Calculation and the GetSummary() function where you should be using a Summary Type field.

For each of your columns that you want to total in the sub-summary parts, you will need a Summary type field to summarize the amounts. For example, your TOTAL COST field needs a Summary field that summarizes the total of all the values preceding it. I usually give Summary fields a name very similar to the name of the fields it's summarizing, so if you have a field called TOTAL COST I might name the Summary field either TOTAL COST_Sum or TOTAL COST_S or SUM_TOTAL COST.

On a separate note, if your field names contain the percentage sign or certain other characters that are also mathematical operators (+, - , / , %, etc.) then calculations using those fields may fail. Avoid using them as in %2 TOTAL PAYROLL and do not start field names with numbers either.

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Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.Commented:
Comment ID: 39601713 provided a complete answer including an example file I created specifically to answer the question. The author of the question didn't response but the answer is complete.
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