ftp user isolation

I am currently running a Windows 2008 r2 Standard and configured a user isolation ftp site using ii7.
The user isolation is working great but I need a more user friendly way to drag and drop files from my website.
I was wondering how to configure an administrator who could access all the isolation folders when I sign on to my ftp site.
Thanks in advance.
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kcassoneConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found the solution here -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vanZfu8dv8
Have you set up the admin as a user for ftp?
kcassoneAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry maybe I did not explain correctly. I need to type in a specific user name and password(administrator) that will show all folders and files for every isolated user.
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Do you mean a configuration where the administrator's home folder is the parent folder to each user's home folder so the directory structure looks like this:
   |-> userA_root_folder
   |      |-> some_file
   |-> userB_root_folder
   |      |-> other_file
   |-> userC_root_folder
           |-> file1_belonging_to_userC
           |-> file2_belonging_to_userC

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kcassoneAuthor Commented:
Yes well put!
Then the admin can add and delete files as needed.
kcassoneAuthor Commented:
Anyone have any  more comments? Would like to resolve today.
Thanks in advance
kcassoneAuthor Commented:
Received no response to my last question so kept researching on my own and found solution.
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