SCCM 2012 SP1 and SQL Express 2012 SP1

I'm trying to install SCCM SP1 on Server 2012 gold but when it comes to the SQL configuration page I get an error that says different versions of SQL and what cumulative update they should be on. but i looked and SQL 2012 SP1 does not require a any CU to be compatible.

SQL is set up with the default MSSQLSERVER instance and i used the SQLExp installer that it downloaded during part of the SCCM setup process so I really don't know what i could have gotten wrong.

i also already enabled TCP/IP protocol and restarted the service (before that it gave me an error about not being able to connect at all)
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lindentoConnect With a Mentor Commented:

for the primary site you need a fully licensed SQL server, express is only supported for secondary sites.

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ccsoitd1Author Commented:
i was there but apparently didn't read it well enough. i see it now, thank you.
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