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Questions about YTD

Followup questions about YTD.

Months ago the options were different.

Now in the drop down box:
a. medium  .mp4
b. HQ5   .flv
c. mobile
d. HQ36   .3gp

I assume I only want a. or b.  (?)

Then the choices for each of those are:
1. download and convert (prompt for conversion parameters, download and apply conversion)
2. quick download (download and eventually apply conversion rules w/o prompting for destination folder)
3. download (download and eventually apply conversion rules)

1. What conversion parameters? Which ones to choose and why?
2. What conversion rules?
3. What is meant by evential conversion if the file is moved from FF to another folder within Windows Vista.

If you beat Merete to be the first responder, an extra 50 points for you, even though your answer may not be the chosen one.
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3 Solutions
Just posting to beat Merete here.  She's probably sleeping right now ;-)
Sorry Nick, I was going to install the free version of YouTube Downloader so I could look at what all the options are, but noticed in the agreement at the start of the setup routine that it installs some additional browser-related software or toolbars that I don't really want on this PC.  Are you using the Pro version or the free version?  If it's the Free one, can you remember if it allows you to choose not to install the additional bundled software later on during setup?
nickg5Author Commented:
It's part of the Firefox browser.
Open Firefox, go to a youtube video and while it plays look up at the top left of the address window and you'll see the downloader icon. Put your cursor over that or by using the very small down arrow drop box, and you'll see all the options I have stated above.

Nothing to download, it's part of Firefox on my system.

However, I also have the free program on my computer but I never, never accept any toolbars, so I am very certain there should be boxes to be unchecked to avoid toolbars.
nickg5Author Commented:
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Hi Nick, and thank you for explaining a bit more.

You said: "It's part of the Firefox browser .... Nothing to download, it's part of Firefox on my system. "
I use Firefox as my default browser, and from what I can determine the button you pointed to in your screenshot is not part of the version 24.0 I have installed.  In Firefox the View menu > Toolbars > Customize option allows you to show or hide all the available toolbar buttons and elements and position them where you want.  Your little button and drop-down arrow in the screenshot is too small for me to see in detail, but it definitely is not one of the standard buttons in Firefox.

I believe that the button to the left of your Address Bar in Firefox has been added by a browser extension, either downloaded and installed into Firefox separately, or is shown there as an additional option of a downloaded and installed program that can be run independently of Firefox.

I see that you also have another additional button and drop-down list to the left of "Jay Black - Cara Mia" in your screenshot.  It comprises yellow, blue and red circles joined together.  From memory this icon is for a video downloader add-on or program.

Could you please do as follows in Firefox so that I can identify exactly what Browser Extension you are referring to and check the options for myself.  Tools menu > Add-Ons > Click on "Extensions" when it opens in a new tab to show what extensions are installed and enabled/disabled.  Assuming that you see the extension in there, click on the "more" link and then take a note of the author's name and a homepage.

When I do a search for extensions matching "YouTube Downloader" I get quite a few of them with somewhat similar names and icons, so I don't know which one you have.
nickg5Author Commented:
In extensions is Download Helper 4.9.21

by mig
homepage is downloadhelper.net

I do not recall a random download. Either FF gave me the choice or Merete or other member gave a link within an EE question.
OK, so that's "Download Helper":

Online User Manual:
Available from Firefox Tools menu > DownloadHelper > Help

Configuration Preferences:
Available from Firefox Tools menu > DownloadHelper > Preferences
Firefox Tools menu > Add-Ons > Extensions > Click "Options" button for DownloadHelper 4.9.21

Help with Configuration Options available from Help button on Preferences window:

The first thing I notice under the DownloadHelper Preferences > Conversion tab is that to enable conversion of downloaded files I first have to install an external program by the same developer as described here:
and as available from here:

This installs a full program to my computer rather than just a Firefox Extension, and I am sorry to say that I don't really want to install any more programs to my computer.  I think it would be a better idea if you were to await the advice of the Experts-Exchange member who originally recommended this "YouTube Converter", because that person most probably already has it installed and should be able to refer directly to the options that you are talking about.

Without having installed the external program or having investigated the DownloadHelper extension's options too deeply, I did see some conversion options:
Firefox Tools menu > DownloadHelper > Preferences > Capture page > YouTube tab.
You mentioned HQ5 as one to choose.  This is the type of video format that DownloadHelper will try and look for on a YouTube page.  This is a small FLV video format (320 x 240 pixels) and only has Mono audio.  A small video like that isn't much good to you for saving and later viewing, but I suppose it depends on what you want to save the videos for, and what their content is.

Let's wait for somebody who uses this program to arrive with some advice.
nickg5Author Commented:
On my desktop I have Youtube Downloader version 4.0 (20130416)
When the program is open there is a download tab, a convert tab, and activity tab and a play tab. However I have not been using it and do not think I ever have.

When I happen to find a video with IE 9.0, I open FF and paste the link and use the YTD that is part of my FF to capture.
Hi Nick5
The download helper is just that it helps youtube to use specific settings preferences you set to either convert or download in a specific format. Say for example if the youtube is in flash you can set it to download as mp4 and apply that so it always does that.
DownloadHelper configuration
User manual
Using DownloadHelper

Extract from FF, this may help a little to explain the download helper and the YTD rolls.
Youtube Video and Audio Downloader is an open-source project, downloading Youtube videos (using Firefox download manager or a custom external download manager) in all available formats (FLV, MP4, WebM, and 3GP) with video quality of your choice.
 It also contains a pure JavaScript library to extract the original audio file out of FLV videos. For other formats, MP3 conversion is possible if FFmpeg is install.
It also shipped with an offline tool to extract audio files out of FLV videos.

Regards Merete
nickg5Author Commented:
Being asked to close this question.
Will try to get to the above in the next 2-3 weeks.
nickg5Author Commented:
As I get into the steps to wrap this up I have questions.
Some downloads are very fast, meaning the video plays and is over before the download is complete. Tonight I was getting a video that was 118 minutes.
I only want maybe 10% of that, so I'll have to edit the beginning and the end.
Any way, when making a choice on how to download, I randomly (randomly since not having reviewed all the choices) chose "quick download" and .flv
As it began to download the indicator said it was 181MB and the time to download would be 45 minutes.
I cancelled that download since it was going to take so long, and went back and chose "quick download" again but MP4. That changed the size to 228MB but the download time was only 10 minutes.

MP4 are fast downloads and .flv are much slower.
Why is that?
Is one or the other easier to burn?
Will both MP4 and .flv play on any DVD player? (computer player such as VLC or WMP, table top DVD player, car DVD player, or hand held pocket MP player)

Since I chose quick download and not "download and convert" or "download and convert later" what are the implications?
Hi Nick5 welcome bak
since I don't use Firefox rather Chrome
However in my logic  there shouldn't be any difference in time when downloading these files,  the key in my mind is if the source is mp4 and you select FLV to download maybe it is converting it on the fly from mp4 to flv as it's downloading
If the source is mp4 just download it.
Maybe that is this quick download and why it's so fast.

Since I chose quick download and not "download and convert" or "download and convert later" what are the implications?

Since I chose quick download and not "download and convert" or "download and convert later" what are the implications?
download will be faster but will convert once download, your choice, same results
If your intention is to burn it to DVD don't convert it keep as mp4 when downloading.

Is one or the other easier to burn?<< yes mp4 is more suitable better quality when authored/converted to DVD since the process will alter the video scale.

Will both MP4 and .flv play on any DVD player?<< only when burnt to DVD,
(computer player such as VLC or WMP, table top DVD player, car DVD player, or hand held pocket MP player)
yes in VLC maybe in WMP
WMP doesn't like flash will play mp4 if codecs installed.

No to TAble top DVD unless on DVD
same with car DVD that DVD players uses the Yellow book or red book reading in the laser disc to accept only DVD compliant mpeg
The files regardless the format needs to be burnt/ authored to DVD either FLV or mp4, once authored to DVD it is converted to mpeg2 compliant dvd vobs

if you saw in your previous question the one you had a tiff about DRM, is that still open?
 it's still open

So I don't have to repeat or you don't need to look it again
 here's a copy how to burn then to DVD using DVD Flick and WMM

Download DVD Flick it's an open source DVD authoring tool includes everything to burn your movies to dvd, you need a blank DVD in the rom prior remember to buy blank DVD-r with a burn speed x4 or x8 for DVD slower is better
Read the manual first as you need to setup the DVD type set once. Guide included
 ( finalise the disc always for DVD)
A video guide provided by the best in youtube
Making A DVD With DVD Flick
WMM is real easy to use
Drag and drop your clips on
wait till you see them populated ok, you might see a progress bar at the bottom left
then go to file save movie select Burn a DVD, so you need a blank DVD-r ( burn speed x4) or (x8) no faster
 in the DVD rom drive prior ( finalise the disc always for DVD)
It will convert your clips/save it then it will open windows DVD maker and you select your top menue, it's that easy
I'll have to show you in video
nickg5Author Commented:
Thank you Nick

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