SBS2003 No Internet Connection

Earlier today we lost our internet connection.  I cannot access any site from either the server or workstations.  Thought it was as service issue but our provider, Earthlink Business, tested the connection and they say it is ok.
I am able to remotely to connect (vpn) to another site and am able to receive emails on our Exchange server.
I have been able to ping some IP addresses from the server.
We use a Netgear RP114 router.
No changes to the router or server have been made recently.

Your help is appreciated.
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hoerigaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response.
It turns out that, after 27 hours and several hours of vendor time, our service provider realized that they had given our IP addresses to another customer.  First bad experience with them.  

Thanks again for responding to my question.

Hi there,

In order to help I should understand a little bit more about the situation.
Could you please let me know if internal ping from the server or any workstation to your router is OK and of course from one workstation to your server ?
If this is OK then try pinging the gateway address from your router WAN address to see if it works and after that try to ping your DNS server from your WAN IP config.
Is your SBS configured as DNS server for workstations ?
Do you have DHCP server, which one is, the SBS2003 or the gateway ?

hoerigaAuthor Commented:
I found my own answer.
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