Wifi camera to record.

At my parking lot i need to place a camera which can connect to my Wifi and then have ways to record to my laptop or a storage center. Also a camera that has a iPhone APp which can live stream.

I know this is possible but not able to place the right words to google as they have many requirements/touch points

Anyone using such a wifi cam with iPHONE app kindly let me know
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zolivajdaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

What I can recommend is mostly what we used and I know first hand about them, so I give these two options:



One of them is indoor the other one is outdoor camera. They both do everything you need. I recommend this brand because we worked with them, they make very good IP cameras, it's a pretty strong and well established brand with good products and pretty good functionalities and software.

But the bottom line is that you can search for IP camera, look for good resolution, if you need outdoor check that they work in outdoor enviroment and in the specification they give you if it can work with iPhone and has wireless.
One important thing with cameras is the optics, the lense. You can find some good information here to be able to know what kind of optics do you need:


And here a calculator and simulator:


The calculator should do the trick, you can easily put in sensor type, in the right low corner set the focal lenght and you will see exactly how it will apear on your screen.

Good luck,

Do you need night vision ? If yes how far will the camera be installed from your car ?
The other thing you should pay attention is signal range and coverege in orther to your
camera to connect to your router. What kind of wireless networking equipement do you use
now ? I mean wifi router or access point . After you answer this I can give some solutions.

mtthompsonsAuthor Commented:
yes i wanted a nignt vision and would be better if its motion controlled
Like it records when a motion is detected

I tested my mobile to wifi and the signal is strong and i have a repeater as well.

I have a wifi router
tailoreddigitalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could use BlueIris to capture a WIFI IP camera and stream it to an iphone.

I currently use this software and it works very well (i'm streaming 10 cameras (4 outdoor & 6 indoor).  

I've used many different types of security software and so far BlueIris is the most feature packed and reasonably priced.

In this scenario, it's not the camera that has an app, it's the software,



The Foscams at Michael-Best's link are good basic cameras that will serve the purpose.
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