0506-915 No record matching /client_server name:/alt_inst/opt was found in /etc/filesystems.

I was trying to migrate to 6.1 tl 6 sp 1 by using alt_disk_install command to a empty disk on a client. Current nim server oslevel is 7.1 tl2 and client OS level 5.3tl12. But I want to alt_disk_install from nim. I have 6.1 tl6 sp1 lpp_soruce and spot on nim server. When had run smit nimadm from nim server target to my client machine name and allocated to lpp_source and spot for 6.1 tl6 sp1. I did start alt installation procress, after almost 2 hours I got error message, 0506-915 No record matching /client_server name:/alt_inst/opt was found in /etc/filesystems. Can you provide proper procedure to fix the problem.

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I thought you already had a TL 6 SP 1 LPP source?

All you have to do is to amend this repository by adding the missing SP(s).

In most cases SPs are cumulative, but not always.
So I'd suggest to get the 6.1 TL 6 service packs 2-5 from Fix Central, to add the delivered packages to the existing LPP source and to update or recreate the SPOT.

I can't imagine a good reason why AIX 6.1 TL 6 SP 1 should be an imperative requirement.
AIX 6.1 TL 6 SP 5 will do as well or probably better.
Two possibilities (at first sight):

1, The /opt filesystem on the client side is corrupt and needs to be fsck'ed.
Solution: On the client, umount /opt (terminate all applications if you get "busy" errors) and run a full fsck:

fsck -y /opt

Note: This is not a very likely cause of your issue, but it's well worth a consideration nonetheless.

2. There is an RPM update in the LPP source specified for nimadm and the rpm installer cannot handle this in the nimadm environment. This has been described by IBM in APAR IV44971, and there doesn't seem to be a code fix yet.

Solution: Remove all RPM updates from the LPP source to apply them after migration.

On the NIM server go to the "RPMS/ppc" subdirectory of the LPP source's root location and copy the whole content to a safe place.

Now run "smitty nim_update_remove", select the "6.1 tl6 sp1" resource from the list, then create a content listing by hitting <F4>. Now select all packages having "R" in the third (last) column using<F7>. Hit <Enter> twice when done.
Note: Searching for RPMs in an LPP source can be a tedious thing. To make it easier be guided by the names of the packages in the above mentioned "RPMS/ppc" subdirectory.

Repeat the nimadm migration, and if everything has worked fine now transfer the saved "RPMS/ppc" content to the client and install the packages one by one using

rpm -Uvh package name.rpm

inside the directory where you transferred them.

sams20Author Commented:
I have run smitty nim_update_remove, but I didn't find any packages having upper "R" in the last third column. I got lower case  "r", like "xxx.xxx.rte" or "xxx.xxx.ras" in last third column.Is there another way I can find out.
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I didn't mean the last column of the package name - sorry for the misunderstanding!

Instead, I've been referring to the last column of the displayed report, where you can find "I" to indicate an installation package, and likewise "U" for an update package or the meant "R" for an RPM package.

Did you check what's in the RPMS/ppc subdirectory, and did you try the "fsck" option?
sams20Author Commented:
First thing,
When I was trying to fsck -y /opt. I got error,
# umount /opt
umount: 0506-349 Cannot unmount /dev/hd10opt: The requested resource is busy.
I can't unmount /opt and I have checked with fuser,
# fuser -kxuc /opt
/opt:   xxxxxxs(root)

Second thing,
 Yes, now I got "R" for an RPM package from list of lpp_source.

Now, which one shall I fix first.
sams20Author Commented:
Here is details what I got about error message,

install_all_updates: Generating list of updatable rpm packages.
The following rpm packages will be updated:
sudo 1.6.9p15-2noldap

install_all_updates: Updating rpm packages..

Validating RPM package selections ...

lsfs: 0506-915 No record matching /Client_system_name:/alt_inst/opt was found in /etc/filesystems.
fs_size_check[3x]: /usr/sbin/ls:  not found.
Cannot find file system Client_system_name:/alt_inst/opt
fs_size_check[1xx]:  RSUM = RSUM - ASUM : 0403-009 The specified number is not valid for this command.
In my first comment I wrote

>> terminate all applications if you get "busy" errors  <<

You found a process with fuser. If you can easily terminate it and then successfully umount /opt then you should do the fsck thing first.

If, however, the filesystem is still busy after terminating the process in question, and if you can't afford shutting down each and every application on the client then rather proceed with the RPM thing and leave the fsck option as a last resort.

EDIT: I just read your follow-up comment. If it's just "sudo" remove this RPM from the lpp source with "smitty" as described and retry. This can be done very easily, so do it first.
sams20Author Commented:
I have removed "sudo" rpm from lpp source.Run smitty nimadm again, but got this error now,

Executing nimadm phase 8.
Creating client boot image.
0301-154 bosboot: missing proto file: /usr/lib/drivers/pci/sissas64_dd
0505-180 nimadm: Error creating client boot image.
Cleaning up alt_disk_migration on the NIM master.
Unmounting client mounts on the NIM master.

How to fix this problem now? Hope, after fix this issue everything will be fine.

Seems that the target level AIX 6.1 TL 6 SP 1 is not suitable for a nimadm migration.  The early SPs of the TLs 3, 4, 5, 6 are indeed missing that driver.

According to what I found the target level must be at least TL 6 SP 5.

Try to get SP 5 from Fix Central and add it to the LPP source using "smitty  nim_update_add", then recreate or update the SPOT and retry.
sams20Author Commented:
To get this AIX 6.1tl6sp1 level. First upto which TL levels I need to update before TL6. Because any how I need to update the system update require level (AIX 6.1TL6sp1).
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